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Electric combi boiler

Advantages of Combi Electric Boilers 


No Need to Waste Money on Scaffolding 

Due to the compact and efficient nature of the combi electric boilers, you don’t need to install a flue in your home - this means that it isn’t necessary to waste money getting a permit, hiring workers, and scaffolding your home to fit a flue in. This could potentially save you thousands of dollars and makes the combi electric boiler the only viable choice. 


Silent and Efficient Functionality 

Due to the boiler not having any moving parts aside from a water pump, it functions very quietly and without any undue noise. If you don’t want noise pollution in your building or apartment, this is the boiler for you - you won’t be hearing any buzzing, whistling, or other unpleasant noises as the boiler does its job.

Completely Electrical

Absolutely no need for fossil fuels when operating combi electric boilers - this not only reduces your dependency on natural gas and helps you save the environment, but it gives you more options. There are many ways of generating electricity (for example solar panels), and you can use these sources to power the combi electric boiler. This means less cost to run the boiler and more ways to power it - giving you more choices to heat your home however you want.


The compact nature of the combi electric boiler makes it a perfect candidate for installation in your bathroom - the small form factor and the compact design means the boiler can easily fit in the bathroom or any other small room. You won’t ever need to worry about space constraints, because when you buy one of our combi electric boilers, you can be sure it fits.

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