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Horizontal SKE distribution low loss headers (hydraulic balancers) – 2-way basic versions
Distribution low loss header (SKE) separates boiler cycle from the heating cycle. SKEs are usually applied in medium or high power rating heating systems (practically, from 25 kW upwards), comprised of one or more boilers, particularly those comprised of several heating cycles (e.g. floor heating cycle + radiator heating cycle + hot utility water heating cycle). Application of a hydraulic unit in these types of cycles eliminates the necessity to balance pump flows – SKE enables independent operation of individual cycles and uninterrupted pump performance (no pump interference). Another important feature is their desilting and venting capability. Moreover, thanks to inserted neodymium magnet separator (SMART), it stops tiny magnetic shards from being spread into the whole system, something which is directly responsible for causing rust and corrosion. Following versions: SKE 40 2D+ and 70 2D+ - protect solid fuel boilers from too low return water temperature.

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