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Condensing Distribution Low Loss Header 96kW 1" 10 TAPPINGS -SKE 96 4DC+

£ 399.00

Distribution Low Loss Header SKE96kW 4 DC+

This is the combination of a low loss header and a connecting manifold.

You can get connected 2 sources of heat and on the other side of the unit, you will find 8 tappings for 4+ separated circuits.

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Horizontal, SKE distribution low loss headers - 4 way condensing version.

Distribution low loss header separates boiler circuit from the heating circuit. DLLH are usually applied in medium or high power rating heating systems (practically, from 25kW upwards), comprised of one or more boilers, particurarly those comprised of several heating circuits (e.g. floor heating circuit + radiator heating circuit + hot utility water circuit). In condense version, additional built-in INOX partition/guide significantly separates hot and cold water flows. As a consequence, return and water temperature is reduced, helping condense devices to reach higher efficiency. Moreover, thanks to built-in neodymium magnet separator (SMART) it stops tiny magnetic shards from being spread into the whole system, something which is directly responsible for causing rust and corrosion. Following version is available: DLLH SKE 964DC+ (for 2 heat sources and for 4+ circuits).

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