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Electric boilers AsBN - Captain

Electric Water Boiler AsBN 4kW

Electric Heating Boiler AsBN 4kW "CAPTAIN"

£ 655.00

Another one of our boilers. The AsBN “Captain” boiler is part of the Silver Line series. It comes equipped with a built-in circulator pump, but it doesn’t have a dedicated expansion vessel. It can be used in vented and unvented systems. It can act as a back-up to a main heat source or as a central boiler.

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Product Description

Silver Line series

Compact dimmensions

Perfect as an alternative source of heat

Cooperates with any other source of heat

Cooperates with GSM and Wi-Fi controllers

Energy Class D

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AsBN "Captain" Electric boiler

Electric boiler with no expansion vessel. Suitable for vented and sealed heating systems.

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