Hydraulic armature of Culm Stores
Hydraulic armature of Culm Stores

Culm Stores Distribution Elterm Ltd is Elterm's official distributor in the UK. They're a well-known Polish manufacturer of various types of healing devices, including water boilers (both single and dual-function systems) for central heating systems, electric combi boilers, and hydraulic armature products, such as low-loss headers, chemical dosing pots, and connecting manifolds.

In addition to working with our own customers, we have also developed a network of distributors around the country, which has made it possible for us to reach a wider consumer base.

With a variety of products to choose from, we are that you will be happy with our service. Take a look at our website and catalogue. Should you have any comments or questions, feel free to contact us. We'll give you our full support.

Low-loss headers (hydraulic balancers) - advantages and application

The low-loss header separates the boiler circuit from the heating circuit, and is usually recommended for medium or high-power heating systems (25 kW and up in practice) that consist of one or more boilers, especially if the installation involved several heating circuits (e.g. underfloor heating + radiators + hot utility water). Adding a hydraulic unit may prove to be very advantageous, due to the above reasons, among many others.

Neodymium magnet separator (NMS) for SHE low-loss headers

An NMS is structured using a strong neodymium magnet and metal basket built on top of a standard drain valve. According to a number of studies, ferromagnetic particles make up between 50 and 80% of all central heating system residue. These elements can be particularly dangerous in the case of installations with electronic pumps, as well as other components like valves and sensors. The NMS is installed at the bottom of the LLH (or any other device with a drain valve), which helps with the residue collection process. Checking the filling stage is as easy as turning off the drain valve - if the flow is low or non-existent, that's a telltale sign that the device needs to be cleaned.

Connecting manifolds for low-loss headers

Connecting manifolds, along with low-loss headers, are commonly installed with the purpose of improving the installation's functionality and arrangement. With standardised dimensions and linkage options, even the most complicated configurations are achievable. The unified feed/return spacing (125mm) allows for the majority of pump groups available on the market to be connected.

Magnetic filters

Our MF-D DRYL magnetic filter has been designed to be compatible with systems in which constant liquid cleaning for the purpose of removing large magnetic and non-magnetic particles is essential. It can also act as an air vent which, combined with its internal filter basket, helps improve the performance of a central heating system, improve its energy efficiency and extend the life of your boiler, along with the rest of your system. What is more, it stops tiny magnetic shards from being spread all around the system, further preventing rust and corrosion. MF-D can also help remove black ferrous oxide (sludge), a substance that can reduce a boiler's efficiency by a large amount by limiting the transfer of heat and blocking up pipes. The product can be used as a main filter through which all of the liquid is run. The magnetic filter is made up of black construction steel (mild steel), but the interior, as well as some parts with the exception of the filter basket and magnet, is covered with a layer of zinc which can help prevent corrosion. There is no need to remove the magnetic parts from the non-magnetic basket for cleaning, which can save you a lot of time.

Safety heat exchanges

Solid fuel boilers can be installed as part of a sealed central heating installation only as long as an efficient device is installed for heat removal in the event of any malfunctions. Our safety heat exchanger (external cooling oil) serves that purpose. Immediately after opening the thermal safety drain (type STS.S, operating temperatures between around 97 degrees Celsius), it discharges the excess heat into the sewer through a piece of copper coil. The device is designed to be compatible with both steel and cast-iron boilers that do not come equipped with it.

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