Why choose Elterm's electric heating solutions?
Why choose Elterm's electric heating solutions?

Electric heating is generally considered very expensive and, taking into consideration just the high electricity tariff, it's not hard to see why. In fact, boiler users, because of the advanced and very precise level of control our heating provides, can maximise the device's output with a cheaper tariff (up to 80%), which is a much more attractive prospect. Add the savings resulting from the near non-existent investment cost compared to solid fuels (low boiler price, no chimney, no need for a separate boiler room) and gas heating (link-up cost), as well as the relatively minuscule costs of exchange parts and service or mandatory inspections, and the bill isn't that overwhelming anymore, is it?

With that said, electric heating boilers are most commonly used used:

  • as a main source of heating in passive or highly energy-efficient houses, where the yearly requirement for energy is ca. 20-60 kWh/m2/year;
  • as a main source of heating for when you're still waiting for the gas line link-up installation;
  • as a main source of heating for winter cabins that are used infrequently;
  • as a main source of heating when there is no access to network gas, all the while the investor expects a comfortable heating environment;
  • as a main source of heating in a dense neighborhood where the exhaust stack cannot be installed to get rid of exhaust fumes;
  • as a main source of heating when there is a real security threat from a gas or oil installation (a flameless boiler is a must);
  • as an additional/alternative source of heating in tandem with a solid fuel boiler or fireplace;
  • as an additional/alternative source of heating in tandem with heat pump;
  • as an additional/alternative source of heating for industries utilising process heat for day-to-day heating;

Please also consider that owning an additional, independent heat source is simply the perfect way to always feel secure about your heating.

Why choose Elterm boilers?

The Elterm company, based in Chełmno, Poland is a highly experienced manufacturer of electric boilers (est. 1992), with a broad range of available models (mono - and dual-purpose (combi) boilers, for open and closed central heating systems, single units with powers from 4 to 48 kW, multiple boilers (cascades) up to 1,5MW, for floor heating, traditional boilers utilising radiators, as well as boilers equipped with weather compensation modules). Elterm boilers are characterised by small dimensions, a simple design, smart control panels that prioritise energy saving, reliability, and reasonable prices.

In addition:

  • We are a family company - stable, with highly developed sales and service networks, which has earned us numerous awards;
  • Elterm's product line is the most complex on the market (our boilers are grouped into the SilverLineGoldLine and RedLine series);
  • We use only trusted components provided by the leading suppliers, such as Grundfos, Flamco, Selfa, or Timel;
  • Our heating units are manufactured out of stainless steel with impressive safety margin (low surface power) and ability to detach power by 1/6 (there is no need to replace 100% heaters), leading to very low non-conformity numbers;
  • Our boilers are equipped with manual power reduction options (along with automatic);
  • We have installed quadruple overheating protection + a safety valve;
  • There is no need to start up company control;
  • Our boilers can function in tandem with any other source of heat in a CH water installation;
  • We always do our very best!
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