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Protect your heating systems, appliances, and pipes from limescale, make your water safer to drink and gentler to shower with, and reduce maintenance and repair costs all by using ARAGO's water filtration device. 

At Culm Stores, you'll find an excellent range of affordable and reliable water treatment devices that you can easily integrate into your existing systems. Install our filter and say goodbye to limescale! 

ARAGO ionisers - Water Descaler

Benefits of a Water Descaler

The primary job of the ARAGO water descaler is to prevent the buildup of calcium carbonate (CaCO3), namely limescale. It does so through a proven and effective natural electrochemical process that sees the descaler slowly release zinc ions into the water, permanently changing the structure of the dissolved calcium bicarbonate and completely preventing it from building limescale. 

A water softener that "just" prevents limescale might not sound like much, but it has several key benefits that you'll love: 

Healthier, Safer Water 

Soft water refers to water with minimal metallic content. It is easier to drink, safer to use when showering, especially on the hair, and more effective when used for cleaning. Though the chemistry behind why soft water is so much better than hard water is complex and has to do with how minerals within the water are ionised, the practical results are clear: If you don't want to worry about your boiler producing hard water that damages your health, hair, and household items, you need a water softener from Culm Stores.

Preventing Damage to Pipes and Appliances

If you want to prevent the scale from forming and ruining both your appliances and pipes, you need to remove excess calcium carbonate from the water, and no device does that better than Culm Stores' water softener. 

Increasing the Longevity of Your Heating Elements

Not just through limescale, but water with high mineral content slowly erodes and harms the heating elements, pipelines, and appliances exposed to it. A great way to reduce the need for constant repairs and maintenance is by installing magnetic water softeners.

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