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Compact, efficient, and environmentally friendly: these are just some of the adjectives that describe electric combi boilers. If you want a powerful boiler that heats water on demand, you need to check our catalogue below out! We offer affordable, high-quality, and powerful combi boilers that can cope with both domestic and commercial demand.

Electric combination boilers - Silver Line

Electric Combi Boiler

Combi boilers or combination boilers, as their name suggests, are boilers that can provide hot water and central heating in the same unit. They became popular due to their compact size, efficiency, and practical use.

Although the electric combi is a relatively recent invention compared to other types of boiler systems, it has quickly become incredibly popular across the United Kingdom. This is primarily because electric boiler prices are incredibly attractive, but it doesn't stop there. They offer many advantages!

The Features of the Electric Combi Boiler

Our electric combi boilers offer several cutting-edge features that make them perfect for providing central heating and domestic hot water:

  • Robust construction: featuring a stainless steel heat exchanger and a fully metallic body, our combi boilers have been built to last.
  • Full control over your central heating system: a wireless thermostat and an easy-to-navigate inbuilt controller mean you have total control over the boiler's temperatures and operation. Never worry about the heat or the cold.
  • Excellent energy efficiency: fitted with a smart pump and a digital pressure gauge, our combi boilers provide highly efficient electric heating that will help you cut costs whether you're moving from a gas boiler or a heat pump.
  • Can be powered by renewable energy: With a direct Solar DHW PV connection, you can power the combi boiler with solar PV panels directly. This cuts on wiring and installation costs while making the integration of the boiler easier and safer.
  • Smart features: Thanks to the combi boiler's full power modulation, smart energy use, and the ability to install expansion vessels, the boiler is suitable for and can meet your heating and hot water requirements whether it is installed in small properties with one bathroom or large holiday homes, all at great efficiency. Say goodbye to gas boilers today!
  • Flexible: whether it is the need for underfloor heating systems or access to instant hot water, the combi boiler is an ideal choice vis-a-vis radiators and traditional boilers. This is thanks to its modular unit design and flexible construction that allows it to significantly reduce energy consumption and provide reliable hot water and electric heating.

These features and more are what make our combi boilers an excellent option for electric heating and hot water in the UK. If you've been thinking of upgrading your central heating system and significantly reducing your carbon monoxide footprint, don't miss your chance! These combi boilers are the ideal solution.

Advantages of Combi Electric Boilers

No Need to Waste Money on Scaffolding

Due to the compact and efficient nature of the combi electric boilers, you don’t need to install a flue in your home - this means that it isn’t necessary to waste money getting a permit, hiring workers, and scaffolding your home to fit a flue in. This could potentially save you thousands of pounds and make the combi electric boiler the only viable choice.

Silent and Efficient Functionality

Due to the boiler not having any moving parts aside from a water pump, it functions very quietly and without any undue noise. If you don’t want noise pollution in your building or apartment, this is the boiler for you - you won’t be hearing any buzzing, whistling, or other unpleasant noises as the boiler does its job.

A Completely Electrical Unit

No need for fossil fuels when operating combi electric boilers - this not only reduces your dependency on natural gas and helps you save the environment, but it gives you more options. There are many ways of generating electricity (for example solar panels), and you can use these sources to power the combi electric boiler. This means less cost to run the boiler and more ways to power it - giving you more choices to heat your home however you want.

Compact and Easy Installation

The compact nature of the combi electric boiler makes it a perfect candidate for installation in your bathroom - the small form factor and the compact design mean the boiler can easily fit in the bathroom or any other small room. You won’t ever need to worry about space constraints, because when you buy one of our combi electric boilers, you can be sure it fits.

Electric Combi Boilers FAQ

Can an Electric Combi Boiler Fill a Bath?

Traditionally, boilers slowly heat water and store it in a storage cylinder until it is used. Electric combination boilers heat water on demand. They don't have a storage cylinder. Understanding this fundamental difference is key to answering this question.

Unless you have a large traditional boiler, hot water will usually run out before you take a bath. Since an electric combination boiler heats water on demand, however, it doesn't have that problem. This means, yes, it can fill up a bath without the water becoming cold.

How Efficient Is an Electric Boiler Combi?

Two things make electric combi boilers extremely efficient:

  1. They don't need to constantly maintain hot water in the storage cylinder. They heat water on the fly. Other boiler systems usually have a passive energy consumption associated with them.
  2. As it is run on electricity, electric combi boilers can be powered through various sources. Whether this is solar, wind, natural gas or whatever, the sky is the limit.
  3. Since electric combi boilers need to heat water on the fly, they generally need to consume far more energy in short bursts compared to traditional boilers. Don't worry though, averaged out over a month, they're generally far more efficient than traditional variants.

Can You Have a Combi Boiler on Electricity?

Yes. combi boilers have quite a few variants. The two most popular are electric and gas combi boilers. Electric combi boilers for flats are especially popular since they don't require gas pipelines and are very cheap and easy to install.

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