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Want instant access to hot water for cooking, cleaning, and showering? Don't have enough space to install traditional boilers? Looking for an energy-efficient water heater with a compact design? You'll love our instantaneous electric water heater Optishower - Warmetic.

Easy installation, reliable water heating to the target temperature, and suitability for both commercial settings and domestic settings make the Optishower an excellent choice for those looking for an electric water heater.

Instantaneous Water Heater Opti Shower - WARMTEC

Should I Buy Instant Electric Hot Water Heaters? 5 Reasons The Optishower Is a Great Choice

If you are in the market for a water heater, there are many reasons why the Optishower - Warmtec is an amazing choice. If you've still not made a purchasing decision, here are 5 reasons why the Optishower should be at the top of your list:

  1. Instant heated water: Regardless of the amount of how powerful is a traditional boiler or how much energy it consumes, it simply can't produce instant hot water. This is a limitation inherent to the size and design of traditional boilers. The Optishower, on the other hand, is capable of providing hot water instantaneously and in enough qualities for a shower or a dishwasher. This ability alone is enough for the Optishower to provide great utility to many households and commercial spaces.
  2. Excellent space-saving design: The Optishower is a tankless water heater with a compact and practical design. Whether your organisation only has a cold mains water supply and requires reliable access to hot water or your living space is simply too small for a traditional boiler, the Optishower will get the job done, and it will do it efficiently and instantaneously.
  3. Energy Efficient: Being tankless isn't just a space-saving measure, but it also means the Optishower doesn't need to expand energy to maintain the water temperature. This makes it among the most efficient electric water heaters at producing hot water.
  4. Easy to install and easy to use: The Optishower's small form factor and accessibility make it both easy to install and easy to use. Whether you're setting up a temporary workshop, can't install regular boilers due to space constraints or compliance issues, or need affordable and instant access to hot water, you'll love this hot water heater./
  5. Can work with a limited water supply: one of the only instantaneous water heaters capable of working with a limited water supply, the Optishower is excellent for premises that have limited access to water. Not only will it be able to provide hot water reliably, but due to having no water tank, it is adept at conserving the already heated water for use at a later date.

If you want to take advantage of all of these benefits and more, check out the Optishower at Culm Stores!

Instant Electric Water Heaters FAQ

Are Instant Water Heaters Any Good?

Instant electric water heaters provide a lot of utility for both domestic and commercial spaces. They are an excellent purchase if you have space constraints, a limited water supply, compliance issues, etc. They are flexible and have low power ratings, making them an excellent choice for users looking for efficiency and reliability. 

Does an Instant Water Heater Use a Lot of Electricity?

Though an instant electric hot water heater will use more energy per unit of water heated vis-a-vis traditional boilers, it still uses less net energy. This is due to the volume of water it typically handles, with most instant water heaters being tankless.

Are Electric Instant Hot Water Heaters Worth It?

Instantaneous water heaters are capable of providing hot water on demand. Due to their small form factors and flexible design, their installation is simple and you can rely on them in a variety of premises. If you want access to ample and instant hot water, then these water heaters are worth it. 

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