Electric Central Heating Systems London

Electric Central Heating Systems London

central heating systems london

Cutting-edge, efficient, and affordable: An electric central heating system is everything homeowners are looking for!

Slowly replacing traditional heating approaches, electric heaters are increasingly becoming more sophisticated, affordable, and available. Whether replacing, upgrading, or building central heating, you can't afford to ignore electricity-powered systems!

Electric Central Heating Systems Explained

At the heart of traditional central heating is a gas-fired boiler that burns fossil fuels and provides warm air of water, which is then distributed throughout the entire building. Electric heating systems are similar, but they rely on an electricity-powered boiler and electric radiators. One key difference is that usually, the electric radiators also produce heat, don't just distribute it.

Benefits of Electric Central Heating

Choosing the right central heating is paramount. It impacts the comfort, cost, value, and environmental impact of your property. And in every one of these aspects, electric central heating outshines and outperforms its competitors:

Energy Efficient

With rising fuel prices, running costs of central heating are a major concern for businesses and homeowners. An efficient system that can produce the same amount of heating while consuming less energy is highly desired!

Though electric heating has long been associated with high running costs, this couldn't be further from the truth today. Due to advances in technology, increases in efficiency, and effective heat management, electric central heating is cheaper than ever, especially when compared to gas central heating and storage heaters.

Excellent Heat Output

The central heating needs to produce enough heat to normalise temperatures in the entire building, regardless of how hot or cold are outdoor temperatures. Failing to do so would make living and staying in the building uncomfortable.

Electric central heating, thanks to its access to virtually limitless electricity through the grid and its ability to generate heat through its radiators, can easily keep up with outdoor temperatures, no matter how extreme they get.

If you are looking for central heating with an excellent heating output capable of keeping indoor temperatures consistent, consider electric central heating.

Minimal Installation Costs

When calculating how much central heating costs, the supply costs of the equipment alone shouldn't be the only thing homeowners should be concerned about. The installation costs, which often include making changes to the building's structure, installing pipelines, and ensuring the availability of fuel sources, can be quite substantial and puts substantial stress on many homeowners' budgets.

Electric central heating has two advantages here:

  • If you have existing central heating and want to upgrade to an electric one, you need to make minimal changes. Electric boilers and radiators can easily slot into the system, and it'll largely function as intended.
  • When building central heating from the ground up, electric boilers require less pipeline work as they don't rely on fossil fuels and they require less construction work as they come in many form factors - both contributing to significant reductions in installation costs.

Reliable Home Heating

Inoperative central heating doesn't only cause great discomfort, but it can cost the owner tens of thousands of pounds in repair and maintenance costs. Choosing central heating you can rely on is imperative, and here, electric central heating is a great candidate:

Requires Little Maintenance

unlike gas boilers, electric ones don't have many mechanical or moving parts, which minimises the risk of damage and the need for repairs. On average, electric central heating has a substantially longer shelf-life.

Doesn't Need Fossil Fuels

Converting natural gas or other fossil fuels to heating is a fraught and dangerous process, and it is only natural these types of boilers experience more wear and tear vis-a-vis electric ones, which are safer and more reliable.

A Smart, Programmable Electric Heating System

It is hard to exaggerate the amount of control modern electric central heating gives homeowners thanks to the central boiler's ability to completely control the heating output and the individual radiators' ability to be separately programmed:

Complete, Room-by-room Control Over Temperatures

As we mentioned before, electric central heating is different in one key way: Individual radiators are also heating sources, so being able to be individually programmed and configured means that you have fine control over the temperature in each room! What's more, modern electric central heating can connect to your WiFi and integrate into your smart home apps on your phone, PC, and other devices making controlling temperatures throughout the house a matter of pressing a few buttons. 

Programmable Schedules

Are you out on Friday nights? Don't want your central heating to expend energy needlessly from 9 to 5? Want to put it on standby as you enjoy a holiday? In all of these instances, you can program and schedule your electric central heating to operate and enter standby whenever you want. This level of fine control is not possible with the alternatives! 

Advanced Thermostats and Electricity Cost Savings

Electric central heating often comes with advanced sensors and thermostats that can monitor temperatures in all corners of the building and adjust heating output in real-time to ensure that one, temperatures stay consistent, and two, the boiler isn't needlessly burning energy. This feature is key to reducing overall energy consumption and does wonders to slim down your electricity bills! 


Electric boilers come in a variety of shapes, forms, and designs, and this gives home and business owners a great deal of freedom over the design of and the approach to electric central heating. 

  • Electric Boilers Are Available in Multiple Forms

From large, powerful electric boilers to compact ones with separate hot water cylinders: The great variety in shape, size, and form of electric boilers can't be overstated. If you are hurting for space and want a compact boiler, if you want a boiler with separate tanks, and if you want a one-in-all solution, you can find it all with electric boilers! 

  • Portable and Instant Electric Boilers

Aside from providing excellent electric central heating, there are portable and instant boilers that can provide reliable hot water and heating regardless of the constraints. These are often installed in temporary places with limited access to water, and they always get the job done! 

  • Combi boilers

There are combi boilers that operate using both electricity and other fuel sources, so even if the cost of electricity is particularly high in your area or renewable energy is unreliable, you can still rely on these combi boilers to minimise your energy footprint and use electricity for central heating whenever it is available. 

If you want to take advantage of all the benefits electric central heating has to offer, check out the affordable, reliable, and energy-efficient boilers Culm Store has to offer! 

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