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Chemical dosing pot

Are you looking for reliable dosing pots that can work safely and effectively under duress? Are you looking to replace an old dosing pot with a newer model? Looking for an affordable chemical dosing pot? Check out our offers below! You'll find what you need.

Chemical Dosing Pots

Chemical dosing pots are an essential component that is used to feed liquid chemicals, including corrosion inhibitors, into closed systems - this includes heating systems. They consist of a stainless steel vessel with inlet and outlet valves, a drain valve, and a filling valve, as well as a steel tundish, wall-mounting brackets, a release valve, and a non-return valve.

Thanks to chemical dosing pots, closed re-circulating water systems can be used manually. This is achieved through a portion of the system water being drained away and replaced with the chemical. The chemical is then flushed upon re-connection.

Why Buy a Dosing Pot from Culm Stores

Culm Stores offers one of the best selections of chemical dosing pots, manufactured by some of the most reliable experts on the market, including Eltern. These are many reasons why you should choose one of the dosing pots we offer instead of going to the competitors:

  • affordable prices: our dosing pots, aside from being high-quality, are also extremely affordable. If you are looking for one at very affordable prices, you are making the right choice with Culm Stores. You won't find other stores in Britain that can match our prices.
  • family-run business: Culm Stores is a family-run business, and we take a personal approach to our clients. This means excellent customer support. Whether you need help with this product or another product of ours, we're always happy to help.
  • transparent: there are no hidden fees, no unexpected costs, and no surcharges. The prices you see are what you pay for at Culm Stores. This is why many of our clients trust us.

These are just some of the things that make Culm Stores' dosing pots great. Don't take our word for it. Check them out for yourself. We guarantee you won't be disappointed with what you'll receive. The consistent quality and the superb durability of our products is the primary reason why we have a very high percentage of return clients.

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